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Recently published titles:

Whether you are a quilt fanatic or not, all stitchers will surely gain something from 'Quilting With A Modern Slant' for its innovative approach to "people, patterns, and techniques inspiring the modern quilt community" would enhance many an embroiderer's repertoire. Published by Storey Publishing in 2014, author Rachel May not only brings sewing (and quilting) into our lives, but also the work and stories of over 70 exciting quilt artists.

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'Thinking outside the box' is a normal activity for many stitchers, who work in many genres besides fabric and thread. 'The Mixed-Media Artist' offers readers the "art tips, tricks, secrets and dreams" from over 40 amazing artists, all drawn together by art practitioner and psychologist, Seth Apter (and just published by North Light Books). The current publishing philosophy of including artists' comments on how they work is particularly relevant for mixed-media work. There's something in here that should appeal to everyone. We've also listed Seth's blog.

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Published in August 2013 by Batsford, ‘Mark-Making in Textile Art’ by Helen Parrott will be a revelation for anyone who wants to take their stitching beyond the realms of pure ‘embroidery’. The author, Helen Parrott, explores the fundamental and most important aspect of making marks with stitch using hand- or machine- marks, explaining how these can be harnessed to create visually stunning pieces of textile art. A wealth of examples will have you looking at the world around you in a new light.

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Old Favourites:

Published in 2010 by Batsford, 'The Found Object in Textile Art' is Cas Holmes at her very best, introducing readers to so many techniques that are possible to stitchers, particularly many-layered atmospheric pieces using recycled and 'found' materials. Some of the topics covered include the use of natural objects, man-made items, printed ephemera and creating surfaces with found objects: printing, layering, fusing, cutting and stitch. A book not just to read, but to return to again and again.

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